On April 20, 2017, Journalist Maka Razmadze`s interview was published in Diana Liparteliani`s author rubric “Georgian thoughts”. In which she noted that Merab Kostava`s daughter, Tamta Kostava, don’t have permission to enter her father`s Memorial House-Museum. Quotation from the article: “I want to mention one detail – Tamta was painted… Merab Kostava`s house was turned into Museum, State Organization and they don’t let Tamta to enter there. She called me, she was heartbreaking… was crying. She does not need the property, she`s like Merab… Tamta needs attention.”

The Union Of Museums responds to this article and we want to say to the society that information is not true – Tamar Kostava is working in the Union Of Museums – Merab Kostava Memorial House-Museum from the found of organization (29.07.2016). She is a member of our organization team and works as Consultant in Merab Kostava Memorial House-Museum.