3th of August 2017 in The Union of Museums –Zakaria Paliashvili Memorial House-Museum was held event Dedicated to Zakaria Paliashvili’s birthday. He was famous Georgian composer, Conductor and a teacher.

The main topic of the event was ‘Zakaria Paliashvili  and Georgian Chant.  Ethnomusicologists David Shughliashvili and Nino Makharadze talked about composer’s  contribution about Georgian  Chants and  folklores. Also, Participants in the event were Georgian traditional music girls’ ensemble “Ialoni” and Tbilisi Museums Union staff.

Zakaria Paliashvili’s contribution in Georgian Song-Chant  is priceless. He understood meaning of the Georgian folk songs and chant that they are equal to the world of music masterpieces. That’s why composer made great interest and attention to the Georgian folk songs and chant. He compiled “Georgian folk songs” and ” 8 Georgian People’s song “. This latest collection is the sample mastery of high professional of composer.

Together with popular songs Paliashvili worked on the development of Georgian church chants. It should be noted that “Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Church chants of rules” (Georgian liturgy) is an important piece of work and has not been implemented in Georgia since 1910. In 2010 it was performed Presbyterian Church in Washington. In the evening there was showed rare video fond material from the Washington Records of 2010.