Conference “Semitic Researches”

On 16 and 17 September  In the conference hall of “National Parliamentary Library of Georgia” was held  international conference “Semitic Researches” hosted by “Tbilisi Museums Union”

Conference was dedicated to the memory of Academician Kote (Konstantine) Tsereteli, a world-known semitologist and linguist, the founder of the field of Hebrew and Aramaic studies in Georgia.

Kote (Konstantine) Tsereteli (1921-2004) since the opening of Oriental Studies of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (1960) was leaded the department of Semiology at the Institute. The works of Kote Tsereteli have laid the basis for a wide study of the problems of this scientific field in the Aramaic dialectology and gave the impetus to its intensive development of Oriental Studies in world.


The participants of conference were  professors of Hebrew and Aramaic studies from 4 countries: Georgia, Israel, Germany and England.

Accordingly of 2017 Strategy of Tbilisi Museums Union, in order to strengthen scientific directions, The Union of Museums intends to increase the existing tradition and establish K. Tsereteli Scientific Research Center on the base of Kote & Soso Tsereteli Museum. The aim of the Center will be supporting and popularizing worldwide the scientific research Semitic Studies in Georgia.