Museum Night with Dolls and Toys

The event included:
1. Theatrical exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the celebration of Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum.
The main component of the event was the game – Exhibition of Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum – Attending the audience was able to participate in the exhibition space specially organized in the virtual exhibition of Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum.

2. Presentation of the book “Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum”.
The book is a unique edition. The museum preserves the exhibits, old Georgian games, toys and other items gathered in different parts of Georgia and the facts that were unknown to the general public. The book is bilingual and color illustrations presents the collections of museum stores. The edition is dedicated to 80th anniversary of the celebration of Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum.

The Tbilisi Dolls and Toy Museum has a perennial history. Under the leadership of the children’s writer and teacher Tinatin Tumanishvili (1892-1966) and the Government of Georgia, it was founded in 1937, in the building of kindergarten, in Atarbegovi Street. Since then, the museum has changed the building several times, but in 1958 the pupil was transferred to the youth (then pioneers) palace, and since 1986 he entered the building on the Shavteli street and 103-107 Agmashenebeli Avenue.


Every year since 1977 International Museum Day is organised worldwide around May 18.  This day is an occasion to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society. ICOM Advisory Committee organises the theme of this event that, given the high number of countries involved, lasts a day, a weekend, a week or even a month. From America to Oceania including Africa, Europe and Asia, this international event has confirmed its popularity. These recent years, International Museum Day has been experiencing its highest involution with almost 30,000 museums that organised activities in more than 120 countries. 

The theme chosen for 2018 is “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics“. 

Since 2005, selected European museums have exceptionally opened for a night, free of charge, as part of European Museum Night. The event takes place on 18 May, simultaneously in countries that have signed the Council of Europe’s cultural convention.

Many museums take part in European Museum Night, and 98% of them open to the public free of charge between 6 pm and midnight. Most museums offer special activities for this original night, aimed at all audiences: storytelling tour, torch-lit tour, concert, workshops for children, screenings, fireworks… Children and adults, lovers of music, live performance, literature and art in a more general sense all gather here for a unique night.