Galaktioni and Tbilisi

21 of March,  The Union of Tbilisi municipal museums presented a new book “Galaktion and Tbilisi” (“გალაკტიონი და თბილისი”) at  Dmitri Aleksidze theatre, which includes unpublished materials from poet diaries dedicated to Tbilisi.

“We had one more opportunity to show the audience the strong connection between “The king of Poetry” and Tbilisi as introducing literary heritage preserved in various fonds and collections “-Nini Sanadiradze, the head of The Union of Tbilisi Museums.
The evening hosted by Vakhtang Javakhadze-poet and bibliographer of Georgian famous poet Galaktion Tabidze. During the evening,” Wondering Moon Theatre” performed the experimental play “Blue Horses”, based on biography and poetry of Galaktion Tabidze.

The new book is unique, as it collects one of the most famous poets -Galaktion Tabidze unpublished materials from Tbilisi days, which considered as the most important period of poets’ life.

The director of the play Nikoloz Luarsabishvili.
The book was designed by painter Nino Andriashvili.