Georgian Professional Music- From Occupation Till Independence

The Union of Tbilisi Museums invites you on Nana Sharikhadzes’ public lecture ” Georgian Professional music- from Occupation till independence”. The lecture is the first part of the cycle”Georgian Professional Music before Stalins’ Death.” It dedicates to the development of Georgian Professional music during the communist era- 1921-1991. The goal of the lecture is to understand the overall process between Georgian composition schools and political situation of the county.

The lecture will observe a connection between musical culture and  Soviet ideology.  It will demonstrate music compositions as a product for ideology, musical propaganda as sours of new pressure, understanding decisions by politburo for communist block and ideological negative aspects of composition schools. Influence of Social Realism on Georgian composer schools. Influence on the language of intonation, genres and styles. The lecture includes discussion about “Dranivshchina”, formalism and modernism dichotomies, as the most acceptable form of art for Stalin’s’ aesthetic. During the lecture litigations of composers: Muradeli, A.balanchivadze, L. Donadze will be performed.

The main attention will be paid on “warmth Ideology”, Composer schools of the 1960s, The importance of Warsaw autumn festival for composer schools of the eastern political block and for Georgian Music itself.

Therefore contributed global context of Georgian music and the importance of composers school of the 1960s in contribution to European music processes. The host will observe the process of “Muses released” during the Glasnost period.