National Anthem

26. ჰიმნი - National Anthem
“The greatest invention of the world is an alphabet, an anthem and a flag, since they are the symbol of freedom,” – these are the words by Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze.
There can be no country without a national anthem. National anthems of such countries as France, Great Britain and the United States are well recognized worldwide.
National anthem is a patriotic song known all over the world as part of the country’s identity.
The anthem, at best, should become the nation’s foremost musical hit and it should definitely tell the story.
Each story has its own message, sometimes hidden, and, in some cases, quite obvious.
Are you interested in the history of Georgian anthem?
Zakaria Paliashvili Memorial House-Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums offers the audience an educational program “National Anthem”.
Following the excursion around the Museum, the participants of the program, on the basis of the various photo and audio materials, will get familiar with:
✥ History and specifics of the national anthem.
✥ National Anthems of different countries.
✥ Former and current national anthems of Georgia.
✥ In the end of the program, the participants will have the opportunity to sing the National Anthem of Georgia and take part in the exciting quiz.
Participation in the program is possible both as a group and individually.
◈ Maximum number of participants: 25
◈ Program Duration: 90 minutes
◈ Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.
◈ D.Bakradze st. N10, Tbilisi, Georgia
◈ Program cost: 5 GEL
◈ (032) 2 305 001 | 599 515573, 568 515573