Ningyo – Japanese Doll

4. ნინიგიო იაპონური თოჯინა scaled - Ningyo – Japanese Doll
Long ago people believed that dolls could become alive…
Some dolls were used as charms…
Some dolls brought success and happiness to their owners…
Follow us to the mysterious world of dolls…
We will introduce you the Ningyo – a traditional Japanese doll, which can be created only by the experiences and skillful puppeteers.
Tbilisi Dolls and Toys Museum of the Union of Tbilisi Museums offers the audience an educational program “Ningyo – Japanese Doll.
Participants of the educational program, on the basis of the various photo and video materials, will get familiar with:
✥ Stages of development of the Ningyo.
✥ Japanese traditions related to Ningyo.
✥ Stories of the Japanese dolls preserved at the Tbilisi Dolls and Toys Museum.
✥ How to make Japanese doll using the origami technic (workshop).
Participation in the program is possible both as a group and individually.
◈ Maximum number of participants: 20
◈ Program Duration: 90 minutes
◈ Thursday, 3:00 p.m.
◈ 83/23 Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia
◈ Program cost: 5 GEL
◈ (032) 2 305 001 | 599 515573, 568 515573